Welcome to Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Center LLC …… the home of WEIGHT LOSS THAT WORKS!

Our Weight Loss Program ~ Our program is designed to be transformational!  We are most proud and pleased to share our statistics of losses and the testimonies of life changing experiences.

Our clients have lost thousands of Pounds and Inches and share with us their improved health, vibrancy and the reversal of conditions.  We regularly welcome visits from those who have graduated, to let us know that they are still doing very well!

There is no other weight loss program like ours in the nation.  What sets us apart is the complete integration of holistic natural therapies with medical protocols, staffed by highly trained professionals whose mission is to be a partner with each individual client.

We offer the best of both worlds, medical science collaborating with the holistic sciences!  There is a personalized plan that takes you step by step through every stage of your individualized program.  You will learn to listen to the language your body speaks (through symptoms), as well as how to select and prepare your meals.

Your food preparation on the plan can be simple or creative.  You will be guided to follow a plan that has been engineered and fully field tested, with components that are customized specifically for you and your individual situation.

The learning and healing that takes place is incremental, so that with each passing week clients experience profound results, while they feel as if they are taking baby steps.  In the end, the realization occurs that a marathon has been accomplished, almost prophetically understanding that the results were well beyond their wildest imagination.

“This is more than I would have dared to have hoped for!”  We hear this reaction over and over  from those that came to us when they were in a place that they were ready to receive what we are providing.

So, we encourage you, to come to us, when you are ready to embark upon your healing journey, one baby step at a time, to tour our facility and meet the staff, free of charge, to see if in fact this is right for you!  The hardest step is the first step, pick up the phone to schedule your free tour!

Please take note that even though we are a Weight Loss Center, we do provide additional services to anyone who needs/wants our assistance in specific areas.  Frequently we see family members of dieters, who may not need assistance with weight loss, but are interested in our expertise in an area of need.

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A Note From The Owner/Founder  ~ Have you tried diet after diet, only to lose weight and gain it back?  My name is Victoria Smith and I am the Owner and Founder of Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Center LLC; a privately owned and operated small business.

After an illness (in 1999) that packed on over fifty pounds I was determined to learn what in my body changed, to cause weight gain, poor health and what was preventing me from losing weight, despite diligent efforts.  As a result of my education and experience, I developed the Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Program!

It was clear to me that overeating was a symptom, because for over 30 years, I did not have the desire to overeat, yet found myself with a ravenous appetite periodically(after 1999).  It was clear to me that my metabolism was toast, because when I did not eat, I did not lose weight.  When I dieted, I gained weight.  Everything was out of whack, but I did not know exactly what it was or how to get it back into balance.

There were other clues that there was something out of balance in my body.  The weight packed on almost overnight, while I was very ill and not really eating much at all.   Diet and exercise did not result in weight loss; and, when a few pounds were lost, I would rapidly regain those plus more pounds!   I am a professional and research has been my passion.  Learning why obesity became a part of my life became my obsession.

For years, I practiced solely as a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, while independently researching this elusive subject matter. Clients would ask me how to lose weight, and in turn, I would laugh.  You see, I was over fifty pounds overweight, and despite this fact, clients would ask for weight loss advice, since they trusted me in other areas.

I promised each and every one, that once I discovered the reason why obesity had become such an epidemic that I would open a weight loss center.  I keep my promises!

Many times I thought that I found the answers, but in testing, did not find results.  Until one day, when I had all but given up on ever finding a solution.  In 2007 I stumbled upon some information that answered all of the questions that I had been seeking to find the answers.

For 18 months, I worked closely with a team of professionals to study and master the technique, and integrated this new information with the Holistic knowledge that I had.  In March 2009 I opened Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Center LLC.  By August 2009 the business had outgrown my little office and was moved to a larger store front location.

By 2011, yet another highly effective method was introduced to me, and I set out to researching again, as I saw an opportunity to bring additional benefits to our center.  So, as of today, there is an integration of two very powerfully healing, effective medical protocols that are utilized, along with proven natural healing services, for a life changing opportunity.  The rest of the website will share a little more about each of the services and protocols that are customized for our clients.  With the ease of grace, we welcome you to our Pounds and Inches family!

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