Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy supplements from the store if I am not a dieter?
Absolutely! We have top of the line products and many people come in just for our products. Also, many former dieters come back to visit and pick up supplies.

What can I expect on my first visit?
At Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Center, we are able to customize a program that is especially right for you.  We offer everyone a FREE TOUR, to see if the program is right for you. If you begin your weight loss journey with us, the first part of your experience at our center includes a series of evaluations, to determine your individual needs. The first appointment is often times the free tour of the facility.  Some people start that day, while others come back another day to start. On your first official day, you complete paperwork that includes a symptom questionnaire and health history. Your photos are taken and your first evaluation takes place.  Before leaving, you receive your Pounds and Inches Manual and the rest of your evaluations are scheduled, usually for the following week.

What evaluations are completed and why?
The evaluations are a vehicle to provide us with all of the information that we need, to customize a program for you, so that you lose weight efficiently, are educated in the areas that you need to learn more about and to provide you with the support you need to keep your weight off when you leave us.

The Well Care Evaluation provides us with a list of symptoms and identifies imbalances within your body.Victoria Smith is a board certified holistic practitioner and her goal is to ensure that you not only look terrific, but also that you feel great, by improving your health status. The most common co-existing symptoms that are identified with those who need to lose Pounds and Inches include food cravings, digestive disturbances, sleep disorders, headaches, fatigue or poor energy, pain, stiffness and soreness throughout the body. She will teach you how to improve all of these, and other symptoms, that may be affecting you personally.

The Fitness Evaluation determines your level of fitness, in a variety of areas. This evaluation is followed up with a Personal Training session, so that we can teach you how to strengthen any areas that have been identified as weakened. This evaluation is followed up with weekly Personal Training sessions, so that we can work with you individually and teach you how to strengthen any areas that have been identified as weakened. After all, muscle not only weighs more than fat, but the more muscle mass you have, the more fat you can burn!

The Massage Reflexology Evaluation is a method of seeking out structural imbalances.  Reflexology is a massage technique that focuses on the feet. We all have nerve endings that reach from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet, that pass through every organ and system of the body.  When there is a dysfunction in any area of the body, little crystal calcium deposits on the nerve endings, that feel like little shards of glass when pressure is applied. Since the feet are like a road map, the placement of the tender points tells the trained therapist what areas of the body need restoration. Through manipulation of the feet, breaking up these calcium deposits allows oxygen rich blood to flow freely through the corresponding organ or system. This is good, because oxygen heals!

The Nutritional Evaluation is designed to determine your nutritional level of knowledge and how you apply that information. You will get to keep a food diary and bring it in for discussion.  By getting to know what foods, flavors and food consistency that you like, our professionals can guide you how to make alterations that allow you to continue to eat foods that you enjoy, yet a healthier version of them! We also help you with shopping lists, menus and recipes.

All of these evaluation findings give us a starting point, so we know what we need to teach you and how we need to support you, customizing your program. Once all evaluations are completed, we discuss your weight loss options with you.

What kind of weight loss does Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Center offer?
We have an integrative approach, using the finest and most effective methods of Natural Health and Traditional Medicine. First and foremost, we teach you the truth about nutrition and dispel myths.  We have levels, or phases, and we use the one that is going to be of maximum use to you at the time.  Each phase guides you through your journey!

First, nutrition education and meal planning is addressed. It is not uncommon to lose 5-50 Pounds learning the truth about eating to support your health. When and if weight loss halts, which it usually does, we introduce another effective method.

There are two methods that are considered. The first one addresses insulin receptor malfunction; and, the second method addresses endocrine dysfunction. There are physical reasons why many people report that they cannot lose weight, and we know what they are and what to do!

Does your program really work?
Yes, it really works.  In 2010, 95% of our new clients were personally referred by friend, family or co-workers. That fact alone speaks volumes!  But, you must know that you have to work at the program and follow instruction for it to work. This is not a magic wand nor is it a gimmick.  The programs offered at PIWL are proven methods that may have lasting effects. It is important that you be as committed to your success as we are committed to your success.

How much weight did your  clients lose last year?
In 2010 our clients lost an astounding 3,054 Pounds and 3,862 Inches.

Will I be put into a group?
Your appointments are one on one, to eliminate the chance that you might get lost in a classroom setting. There are sometimes opportunities though, like educational classes, to meet other dieters, if that appeals to you; and, many clients talk in the waiting room.

Can I do this program with a friend or my spouse?
Yes, the buddy system is a good system. We have many siblings, friends, couples and co-workers who start the program at or about the same time, to do this together. You are encouraged to attend each other appointments when you can; however, you can still have the support of your buddy, even when you keep separate appointment times.  We encourage you to invite a friend, co-worker or family member to join you, but not to delay yourself in starting, while they decide!

How much weight can I expect to lose?
Average weight loss, while on the program is 2-7 Pounds and Inches per week.  We serve people who need to lose as little as 5 or 10 Pounds and those who need to lose over 100 Pounds. Overall, you can expect to lose as many Pounds and Inches as you wish, as long you your goal is within a safe and healthy BMI, and you allow yourself ample time and dedication to accomplish your goals.

What if I want to lose more than 30 pounds?
The consultants at PIWL will guide you through the program, to help you lose all of your weight in the shortest amount of time possible.

Will I lose lean muscle tissue?
The mission at PIWL is to help you maintain and even build lean muscle tissue, while releasing and eliminating abnormal fat stores. The program has in place safeguards to protect from lean muscle tissue loss.  We make sure that when you are losing weight on the Metabolic Program, that you have ample amounts of highly digestible protein in your diet / bloodstream, so that your body does not burn lean muscle, rather burns the available protein!

Do people regain their weight and if I do can I come back?
Most people do not gain their weight back. The most that we have seen regained is 5-15 Pounds. Other programs report that a high percentage of their dieters regain all that was lost, plus some. This is not the case at PIWL! If you engage in the program, you will have new habits, a rebalanced body and all of the support that you need to be the best version of yourself. The owner and founder of the program designed this program to not only help people lose weight, but also to  learn how to feel healthy and keep the weight off and live healthy, for the rest of their lives. She tried other programs before designing this one. Maintaining weight loss is even more important than losing weight, in her eyes, so a great deal of research and effort has been put into this part of the program! If you have read her story, this program was a result of her own weight and health challenges. This is much more than a weight loss program!  She wants YOU to feel healthy, be healthy and look healthy!  Slim is just one part of the healthy, vibrant equation!

Do you accept insurance?
We do accept Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts. Check with your program to see if weight loss is covered; and, know that your doctor may need to complete a form for your FSA or HSA.   Unfortunately, health insurance policies do not pay for any weight loss program.

How much does the program cost?
The fee schedule is set up to meet your needs and the services that you receive. There is an initial evaluation fee as well as a fee for weekly appointments. You are welcome to schedule an appointment for a free tour of the facility and an overview of the fee schedule. The professional who gives you a tour will be able to answer all of your questions and go over the initial and ongoing costs. The total cost depends on many factors, such as how much weight you want to lose and your level of commitment.

How much time do I have to allow for weekly appointments?
The evaluations in the first two to three weeks require appointments usually lasting about an hour each. After the initial evaluations, appointments typically last about 15-30 minutes each, and the weekly personal training session is 30 minutes. If you take advantage of additional services, such as on going massage, plan for additional time. Most of the time, our appointment times are on time with little or no waiting in the waiting room! We never double book our schedule and respect your time.

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