Medical Massage Services

Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Center offers a full range of medical massage services including:

Relaxation – A relaxation massage reduces stress, helps to manage blood pressure and can be revitalizing. 
Deep Tissue – This massage is suitable for someone with a great deal of muscle tightness.  The therapist works deep into muscular structure to release tension and aid detoxification.
Lymphatic – This technique identifies lymph blockage and build up; and, the therapist uses pressure and long sweeping motions to assists with moving the lymph fluid for detoxification.
Neuromuscular –This technique pin points “knots” or “trigger points” and gentle to deep pressure is used to release the buildup and knots throughout the body.
Facial – This massage may assist with wrinkle reduction, skin revitalization and aides in sinus function.
Craniosacral – This technique utilizes the use of acupressure points at the base of the skull, to stimulate healing and detoxification.  Assists with headaches, sinuses and nerve disorders and balancing fluids.
Reiki – The practitioner utilizes prayerful laying on of hands, to encourage the body to activate self healing.
One Hour – $60.00
One Half Hour – $35.00
Select one or more of the techniques for your massage; or, allow the therapist to help you choose.   

For more information, please call 859-282-0022. You may also email us:

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