Weight Loss Program:  There is an initial fee that will cover the cost of all manuals, program materials, and evaluations. There is a monthly fee that is incurred to cover the cost of your weekly appointments after the first month. Please note that our weight loss program includes all the services listed below and the cost of food and nutritional supplements is not included in the program fees.

Free Tours are available upon request.

Massage Therapy:  There are many massage therapies available.  Unlike other facilities, our massage therapists are more than happy to incorporate a variety of techniques into one session, for optimal results. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Bamboo Fusion and Fibromyalgia massages are some of the most common techniques utilized.

60 Minute Massage ~ $60
90 Minute Massage ~ $85
2-Hour Massage ~ $115
Initial evaluation included in program fees.
Packages available upon request.

Holistic Natural Health Evaluations:  This evaluation includes photos of the Iris (eyes), a complete health questionnaire and 30 minutes with Victoria Smith, Board Certified Holistic Practitioner.  She will share with you information that is revealed from your Iris photos, such as genetic markings, toxicity levels and genetic personality traits. After viewing the Iris Photos and reviewing the health questionnaire, she will then utilize Kinesiology to educate you specifically about nutritional supplements, dietary information or other natural methods that may impact your situation.

Initial visit ~ $60
Follow up ~ $29
Bi-monthly appointments included in program fees.

Fitness Evaluation: The standardized fitness evaluation tests areas of fitness, such as cardiovascular, upper body strength and lower body strength. The areas of weakness and strengths are used, along with information obtained from an interview process, to put together an individual fitness plan.


Personal Training:  The information obtained from the Fitness Evaluation and interview provides the trainer with just what is needed to customize training sessions. You will learn how to strengthen weakened areas of fitness, within your fitness personality. The professionals at PIWL are aware that each individual is unique in their fitness personality, level of ability and personal schedule.  An individualized fitness plan is developed for each person!

30 minute session ~ $35

Rebound Cellular Exercise Training Sessions:  Rebounding is state of the art exercise that engages every muscle in the body!  At PIWL we have a Certified Reboundologist; and, there are but a handful worldwide.  The trainer will teach you the benefits of rebounding and help you decide if Cellular Exercise meets your fitness needs.

15 minute session ~ $20

Nutritional Consultations:  The Nutritional Consults provide every dieter the opportunity to learn skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  You will learn how to really read food labels, shop, prepare meal plans, order delicious healthy foods in restaurants and everything else you want to learn about nutrition. Even healthy, easy to prepare recipes are provided.  Your food diary is used each week as a tool to learn, so that the PIWL professional can gently guide you in making changes that continue to fulfill your likes, in tastes and consistency, while learning to eat to support a healthy, trim body.

Initial ~ $60.
Follow up ~ $29
Weekly appointments included in program fees.

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