Program Overview

The Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Program consists of many components, that provide our professionals the information needed to customize your program and you with the education and support needed to obtain your goals. The program has been designed to provide you with new information on an ongoing basis, so that incrementally, you learn a little more each time you visit.

You will be surprised that in a matter of a few weeks, you will have easily learned a great deal about your health, fitness, your body and the food that you eat. The program is designed to teach you how to lose Pounds and Inches, learn how to be proactive in preventing illness and disease, incorporate fitness into your lifestyle and enjoy the foods that you love without sacrificing your health.

WELL CARE EVALUATION: Well Care, sometimes referred to as Holistic Health, is where science and caring merge. This approach to caring for your health emphasizes the study of all aspects of a person’s health, including physical, psychological, social, economic and cultural factors.  Stressing a personal responsibility for health, the holistic approach may include both conventional medicine and various non-traditional methods. When the body presents with symptoms, a holistic practitioner seeks to perceive an imbalance of some sort. A whole body approach is considered as a potential contributing factor or a combination of factors. 

Foods that we eat, thoughts that we think, skin care and cleaning products that we use, medications, nutritional supplements, environmental exposures and exercise all play a part in how our body is responding. The practitioner’s education has taught them that the body has built-in healing mechanisms, given the proper rest, nutrition and attitude. 

A good practitioner understands that the key to good health is prevention and takes on the role of educator, to teach their clients key information about nutrition, fitness and detoxification.  When the body is out of balance, the practitioner assists the client in investigating possibilities of imbalances and makes suggestions to alternative therapies that may be beneficial.  

Allopathic Western Medicine is not ignored or rejected but is not seen as the only effective therapies.  Most individuals incorporate at least some natural therapies or techniques into their lifestyle with profound enhancements.  You may pick and chose which ones are most rewarding and beneficial for you.

Some of the most common co-existing conditions of obesity or excess weight include: food cravings, sleep dysfunctions, pain, headaches and fatigue. By addressing these naturally, losing weight is more effortless.

BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS: When you embark on a life changing journey, it is invaluable to have everything, including your before photos documented. Clients are always excited to see the Before and After photo side by side, when they obtain their goal!

MEASUREMENTS: Again, documenting your starting point and progress along the way, provides you with the evidence that reinforces your successes. Each week, during weight loss portions of the program, your measurements from head to toe are documented. An astounding number of Pounds and Inches are released through our program! We are very proud to be a part of the constant stream of success stories!

NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONS: During these consults, you will learn much about your eating habits, how to put meals and grocery lists together, gather healthy recipes, learn how to read labels and even how to indulge without cheating when dining out! Learning the truth about nutrition, in easy to understand sessions, provides you with an education that will serve you for the rest of your life!

FITNESS EVALUATIONS: During this evaluation you will be tested on upper body strength, lower body strength, cardiovascular and other areas of fitness. All of this information is documented and followed up with personal training to teach you how to strengthen any areas of your body that are weakened.

PERSONAL TRAINING: Personal Training provides you the opportunity to work one on one with a fitness professional, to teach you how to support your body in the area of fitness. Everyone has a ‘fitness personality’ and the trainer will work within your abilities, lifestyle and personality to teach you how to apply fitness to your life. Some people enjoy working out a gym, while others are more inclined to strengthen their bodies at home or during fun activities. Whatever your needs are, you will have the opportunity to make a plan of action that is customized just for you, to make fitness a part of your lifestyle!!

MASSAGE THERAPY: So often when people hear massage therapy, they envision a spa like setting and pampering. We do pamper our clients, but make no mistake, massage is therapeutic! The muscles and tendons of the body tighten and knot to the point of dysfunction and the manual manipulation of massage is highly effective in restoring blood flow to those areas of pain, stiffness and soreness. Your Massage Evaluation provides the opportunity to document structural areas of discomfort and allow you to experience first hand the benefits of massage, if you have not in the past.

METABOLIC HEALING PROGRAM: This plan is designed to help the body to heal from the symptoms that were caused by food, by removing foods that damage the body and replacing with foods that heal the body.  Most people begin to incorporate this program within the first three weeks. When consuming the wrong food causes symptoms, it makes sense that changing to eating the right foods is the answer. In particular, this protocol focuses on allowing the body to rest and heal the insulin receptors, that are negatively affected by high sugar, carbohydrate and chemical diets. This is not a low calorie diet, this is a nutrient dense diet that provides the body with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat to turn on the bodies only mechanism to burn fat.  

Did you know that the human body was created to store fat / energy for times of famine, but it was never created to lose weight naturally? The Metabolic Program is a scientific approach to burning fat, while maintaining muscle mass. It is important to maintain or even build muscle mass in order to maintain weight loss! Weight is lost from the top of the body down through the abdomen; and, averages 2-7 lbs per week. Most people lose all of their weight with this program!

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