At Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Center LLC, we are very proud to be a part of many peoples stories of renewed health, restored body image and increased self respect. Each week, we send an email to current participants, to deepen their educational experience. Many times clients hit ‘Reply’ and send us their off the cuff words of appreciation. Below you will find real stories, from real people, whose lives have been forever changed. All testimonials are shared with written permission.

“You guys are GREAT!! Thanks for helping me feel 10 years younger!” February/2011
Mark V. Cincinnati, OH

I feel great! I have lost 35 pounds!

“I came to Pounds and Inches Weight Loss Center six months ago primarily to lose weight. I was the heaviest that I have ever been. I feel like I had let the world get the best of me. I felt terrible. PIWL has changed my life!

This has been a very enriching experience. I feel so much better. Not only have I lost 35 Pounds and 50.25 inches in just six months, but I have learned so much. I have much more energy and vitality. I feel stronger and healthier. I am less susceptible to illness even when I am around small children.

I have learned so much about food that are healthy for my body and now I read food labels and understand them. I really love and look forward to the weekly email newsletter because it makes me feel supported and teaches me so much. I feel great ~ really, really good! March 12/2011

Marketta Northern Kentucky

Marketta H.:  Lost 35 Pounds and 50 Inches


Your program is different than any that I have ever seen.

Dear Victoria and Awesome Team,

Thank you for helping me reclaim my health and for the life-changing BONUS of a new, slimmer body!

I have followed diets with similar food plans from doctors, and they just did not work for me. On these diets, I would lose ten or twelve pounds when I did everything right–and this was with the top experts in Cincinnati. They knew that I was compliant and explained that dieting did not work well for me because I had Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome.

With over 30 years of dieting on almost every plan you can name, I had yo-yoed in my weight, actually “dieting” myself up to my all time high of 259 pounds in 2001. With my weight gain, my health suffered as well, but by vigilantly monitoring my food over the past few years, I did reduce my weight by 40 pounds. I had resigned myself to maintaining this weight through very restricted eating.

Having battled health issues for over 15 years, my downward spiral reached its lowest point in 2010. I had developed debilitating abdominal pain whenever I ate a meal. A friend encouraged me to visit your practice — Significant Healing Pounds and Inches — as a way to improve my health, not to lose weight. Frankly, I was resigned to being overweight, but I desperately needed to feel better.

After my first visit, I really did not think that your weight loss plan would work for me, even though you clearly believed that it would. The reason that I decided to give it a try was because you were glowing. You looked so healthy and I wanted some of that! As someone who does their homework, I had also evaluated your Significant Healing practices. Based on what I learned, I viewed you as reputable, experienced, and successful in helping your clients.

I’m so glad that I trusted you and gave your weight loss plan a chance. From mid-July through October, I watched my body literally transform from sizes 18W and 20 to my current size 10s. I had lost 50 pounds and 53 inches by my son’s wedding in late October 2010. The transformation was so remarkable that my own niece at first didn’t recognize me at the wedding reception. (As of my birthday in late February, I have lost 60 pounds and 69.5 inches!)

As you and the Pounds and Inches Team advised, I have maintained my weight for a few months and am now preparing to lose a final 12 pounds. I am excited to complete my plan by losing these last few pounds and am confident that I will! It’s so great to have a total plan to cover every aspect of my weight loss and getting healthy. You have eliminated the problem most of us have by providing a structure for success in losing and maintaining my weight!

This structure has a continuity and organization which has guided me through every phase of my transformation. Each appointment and e-mail newsletter gave me additional training and support. This occurred in such manageable bits that I didn’t even realize how many new habits and skills I was developing. After a few months I saw that I had very gently been transformed into a much healthier version of myself. The staff is very loving, compassionate and so knowledgeable. It’s been great how all of you have encouraged me and celebrated my successes, too.

The bottom line, I lost weight I never thought I could and sculpted my body proportionately with the inches lost. I have gained a slimmer, more vibrant and healthy me! Thank you for restoring my joy!
Look out World! Here I come!!

Joanne, Cincinnati Ohio

Joanne H
Joanne H after


Joanne red jacket

Joanne lost 60 Pounds and 69.5 Inches!

Cheryl H
Cheryl H after

Cheryl H:    Lost 55 Pounds and 60.25 Pounds!

“I joined pounds and inches back in June 2010. I was a size 18 pants and a 2x shirt and very unhappy with myself. My back, knees and hips would hurt all the time. I would get down on the floor to play with my granddaughter and would have to crawl to the couch or chair to get myself off the floor. One set of stairs and I was huffing and puffing. I had to do something to get this weight down and my body back in shape. I found out that some of my friends had joined and they were taking off weight so I thought I would give it a try as well.

I have never regretted my decision to join. Victoria, Rachel, Angie, and Mary are so awesome!   They have always been there for me to help me in every way. They care about each and every person and I am glad to call them my friends. I am now in tune with my body. I am so happy to say that I now wear a size 8 pants and a medium shirt. I have lost 55 pounds. My back, knees and hips don’t hurt anymore!

When I eat now I stop and think about what is going in my mouth. I make much better choices now that I have gone through 3 sessions of phase 2 and 3. Do I cheat sometimes …yes but I feel guilty and I don’t do it very often.   I have tried every diet you can think of and none of them was ever this successful.   I don’t really consider this a diet but a way of life in eating for the rest of my life. There is so much food that we can eat that is really good.   I have learned what I can eat and how to prepare it and also watch my portion size. It really is that easy.

I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with their weight.   If I can do it anyone can. What are you waiting for?   Stop putting it off and give them a call. You will be glad you did. It  really works!!!

Thank you ladies for helping me to be happy and healthy with myself again.
Love to all of you,
Cheryl H”

Amy L
Amy L after

Amy lost 79 Pounds and 100 Inches and says:    ”In just 6 months, I totally transformed my life. I am a whole new person!   Better, stronger and healthier.”

Peter:  “I have huge health improvements!  I feel better than I have in years!  My blood sugar went from 350 down to 92!  In four months I have lost 73 Pounds and 61.25 Inches.”
Tracy S:  “In only four months, I have lost 45 Pounds and 47 Inches.  I have gained a whole new attitude of self confidence and I feel beautiful and amazing!”
Briner:  ”In my first six weeks with PIWL I have had some major health improvements.  My doctor took me off of all of blood pressure medications and I have lost 45 Pounds and 40 Inches.  I am still working towards my goal and can’t wait to share updates.”
Teresa C.:  “In six months I went from 186 pounds to my goal of 136 pounds.   I lost 50 Pounds and 71.5 Inches and have easily kept it off for over a year.  Today, I am the picture of health and vitality.”
Tori T.:  In three months has lost 42 Pounds and 51 Inches.
Lisa M-S.:   Lost 38 Pounds and 42 Inches.  She has had great health improvements and is sending her testimony soon.
William D.:  Is 18 years old, graduating this year from high school and heading off to college in the fall.  He has lost 38# and 51.75 Inches so far and continuing to work towards his goal.

Kaye B:  ”I handed out one of your business cards to a woman who works down the hall from me and I gave advice to my best friend to give you a call for her gastro problems.  When I think back on how skeptical I was when I first showed up at your office and compare that to how I feel now … I mean it when I say I would recommend you and your group to just about anyone and for more than just weight issues.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.  I’ll be in tomorrow to see Rachael and then Friday … I get to eat red pepper hummus again, which I shall heretofore refer to as yummus.”

Teresa Before
Teresa After


Teresa C


Tori:  Lost 42 Pounds and 52 Inches as of May / 2011.  ”PIWL has been amazing.  The staff is great, helpful, knowledgeable and very encouraging.  Unless someone has struggled with their weight, they can never begin to understand the battle.  PIWL has a exceptional way of breaking everything down and making it a lot easier than most programs I’ve tried or thought about trying.  The weight loss and the supplements have made huge improvements in my life.  Most of my random aches and pains have subsided and I have almost no headaches.

Prior to PIWL, I felt tired or sore for no reason.  I also had a lot of knee pain. My knees rarely hurt anymore, which is a blessing.  It was eye opening to learn that so many of my aches and pains were caused by excess weight and poor diet.  I feel so much more alive than I have for the past few years.  I have more energy and more motivation.

I joined for the weight loss, I never expected all of the other changes that have come with it!  I feel like I’m back!  I no longer obsess about my weight and my appearance.  I am more comfortable with my body and am much more confident.  I am also comforted knowing that I am getting healthier everyday.  That is the most important part.  We only get one body in this life – we HAVE to treat it right!  I am excited to continue with the program and reach my goal weight.  That will be a day to celebrate!  I wholeheartedly recommend the weight loss program to anyone that needs to lose weight.  It’s awesome.  It works fast, and it works well.”








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